Business Continuity & the Corona-V

Weather the storm!

The outbreak and spread of the Corona Virus will undoubtedly continue to affect many businesses in the months ahead.  From a business perspective, this might just be one of the single most disruptive concerns facing organisations globally.

With its arrival to our shores in South Africa, the likelihood of businesses having to close, or send employees home for their safety, is no longer a looming possibility on the distant horizon… now, a likely reality Businesses may have to face soon!

Information Security officers, heads of IT, CIOs and the likes, are preemptively reviewing their policies and controls, defining protocols and strategies that would increase their chance to weather the storm and ensure business continuity.

Naturally, information security as well as the health, safety and well-being of their employees are at the core of these discussions.

Some form of Remote/Home Working environment is almost without exception, the de facto corrective action to be implemented!

For some organisations, this has already been in place in some form or another, but usually in a selective manner – only select users can ‘remote in’, and even then, have limited access to data and systems. Others may not have provisioned any form of remote access yet.

We have worked with and consulted many organisations on best practices around remote working, and secure remote data and systems access.

While there is no “one size fits all” solution, we work closely with our clients and respective vendor partners to navigate the landscape.

We can help you plan and implement a remote access policy engineered around your unique requirements and needs.


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Kenneth Lehmkuhl