Company Profile

- since 1999 -

Computer Techno Link PTY Ltd was established in 1999 and operated as a family business with its primary focus set on local retail and carry-in as well as on-site support. The company expanded to add three branches and quickly established itself as a trusted IT authority for local businesses.

Throughout its existence, Computer Techno Link realized the need to evolve in line with the needs of its customers as well as IT trends and solutions worldwide. With national and international mass retail stores threatening the survival of many local retailers, it shifted focus away from retail, towards Information Technology as a Service.

In 2002, Computer Techno Link consolidated and re-branded itself as a Premier IT support and Consultancy firm. Armed with the background and experience gained through the years of working with businesses from various industries, Computer Techno Link was able to reach beyond the barriers of the traditional IT organisation – now able to provide Premier Support to, and consult customers and organisations across the internet, virtually anywhere.

Today, we service multiple customers in America, Europe, Africa and Australia – and growing! We are proud of our broad service offering covering Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Server Hosting, Server Rentals, Service Level Agreements (SLAs), Online Backups, Disaster Recovery (DR), Business Continuity (BC) and Strategic Consulting services.

Our Culture

The applicability of ethos to the determination of partnership!

We believe and cultivate an environment built on two key concepts: Transparency and Trust.

We encourage our staff to be transparent and frank in all correspondence with our customers. Whilst we put every measure in place to limit failure and improve proficiency and quality of service, IT, in itself, is dynamic and imperfect. Whatever may happen, we believe that being transparent strengthens the relationship with our clients and reinforces trust.