The pillars on which we build our success.

Our Vision, Mission and Values

We treat each other courteously and with honor always, and carry with us the knowledge that our integrity is mightier than any foe or allegiance.


Seeing 20/20

To be recognized as a Trusted Authority within the scope of Information Technology (IT), Information Security (IS) as well as Business Continuity (BC) and Disaster Recovery (DR) services and solutions.

To be considered an integral part to the operations of our client’s respective organisations through hard work, commitment and a shared vision to succeed.

To be the leading Technology Outsourcing, Hosting and Consulting Services Provider to organisations across all industries and verticals, providing quality support and advice, adding value to all stakeholders.

To be considered a firm promoting the well-being, advancement, success and trust of its employees from all walks of life.


Striving for success - your success!

To add value to global organisations by providing quality, reliable and turn-key solutions and services through professionalism, respect and creative innovation.

To add value to our society through social outreach and in supporting selected Non Profit Organisations.

To provide quality advice and support, based on experience and knowledge attained through years of hands on IT support and consulting services – as well as ‘Lessons Learned’.

We endeavor to enhance the operational proficiency and profitability, wherever possible, of our Client’s organisation through innovative and bespoke solutions and services.

To keep our Client’s needs and vision above our own at all times.


To serve, with honor - always!

Client-centric: Always putting the customer’s needs above our own. We respect the values of our clients and encourage a positive commitment to the values and ethos of our clients.

Transparency & Trust: We strongly encourage all stakeholders to be open, honest and transparent at all times cultivating an environment of trust among employees, management as well as clients.

Respect and Integrity: We expect our employees to treat each other as well as clients with the utmost of respect and to endeavor to demonstrate integrity in carrying out their daily tasks.

Commitment, Passion and Excellence: the driving force behind creative innovation. We reward creative thinking and encourage inter – department collaboration, always seeking ways to add value and enrich to our Client’s respective organisations, through new solutions, technologies and developments.